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Dead Poet Society and The Poetry


Carpe Diem, Seize the day
            Those words are the core of this story. Those words are the key of the plot. Introduced by Mr. John Keating to his students and echoing through their ears, flowing through their brain, and slowly influence their life. “Dead Poet Society” is a great film which abounded with poetries, and discussed about all things at once: Education, Friendship, Romantics, non-conformity, freedom, reality, et cetera. Moreover, those are all portrayed in both positive and negative impacts.
            Began by showing the tradition and value by the school, showing the students, and then Introducing Mr. John Keating as the new English Teacher, the director led the audience to the main characters slowly and let them to recognize how prestige and strict the school is.
The story of Dead Poet Society really has a great power. The poetries as the main bond of this film bind the storyline. And it gives great impacts right from the beginning until the end of the story. Led by Mr. Keating, the poetry became the queen of the story, and as the reason why ‘Dead Poet Society’ was born. The new point of view was introduced by Mr. Keating to the students. The new style of teaching, the new style of how to see the world, the new style to become more creative and free, the new style among many strict and old style of the school there. Began by the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ or ‘Seize the Day’ the storyline run smoothly and showed the changes of some students in Mr. Keating’s class. The figure of Mr. Keating were showed as the most influenced man in the story. The impression of ‘O Captain My Captain’ as the designation of Mr. Keating was very strong and remain strong until the very end of this film.
The writer and the director of this film wanted the audiences moved by many aspects of this movies. The feeling of being given some inspirations and motivations to be a man who seizing his day and live freely as he want are the main reaction that were wanted. To break the conservative and old life that happen at that time. To feel and think that poetry can free our souls. The film-makers wanted the audience especially the teachers and the parents at that time to realize their students and their children’s potencies. And even more extreme, the film showed their ‘sarcasm voice’ to the education by Neil’s suicide because his dream to become an actor was crushed by his parents. The film-makers also wanted the audience to felt angry to many strict-old rules which bind many people of becoming themselves and holding their creativity and to instances which can’t accept the changes. The audiences were wanted to felt very sad of that day reality which can kill someone’s dreams.
Overall, I love the poetries in this films, the main interest which I focused so much. As Mr. Keating said in the film, We don't write poetry because it is cute. We write poetry because we are members of the human race... and human race has filled with passion.” I started to put my concern in the poetry which seems very important in someone’s life. I like the ideas of literary view that can encourage change people only by words. I also like the way Mr. John Keating taught English, especially literacy, to the students with different and interesting ways. This give me some ideas how to be a good teacher and give me the sight of exciting teaching methods.
But, truly amazed by the poetries that were spread all over the story doesn’t mean I love the whole idea of the story. The liberalism, individuality, and non-conformity idea was very strong and the film showed that the reality those days which too strict and old are the main barrier. In one side, I like the idea of poetry that can beautify someone’s life, can grow our creativity and can change our life. In the other side, I don’t like the idea of poetry in this film that, unfortunately, show how ‘Wild’ are the students after learning the poetry, after learning how to live a life with his own voice. Maybe because it’s a western culture, so there are some scenes that showed how free the social gathering there. Like the party, smoking when they gathered in ‘Dead Poet Society’, and even took some girls, furthermore ‘drinking’ in those society, which I don’t like so much, because the film shows the party and those bad acts which is the part of ‘being free’. At first, the idea of the reborn of ‘Dead Poet Society’ really push me to the curiosity, I imagine the picture of the classic society. But the reality only disappoint me. It doesn’t seems as the society which full of poems and creativity, it seemed to me that’s only secretive society which inside of it, the students run wild.
Sucking the marrow out of life doesn't mean choking on the bone”, it is a relieve when I saw that Mr. Keating said those sentences which means Although it's a good idea to try to live to the fullest of our life, trying too hard can be dangerous. And He continues, “There's a time for daring and there's a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for.” Mr. Keating advice is a great advice. But, those advice doesn’t stop the students of being wild. They get even wilder and unfortunately those gave Mr. Keating problems. The reality became the obstacle. In the end, they can’t fight against the reality. And they’ve got their punishment

This film shows about a lot of things, in the positive and the negative ways. So, I hope that the audiences can choose what are the good things that we can take, and what the bad things that we shouldn’t take. Live freely doesn’t mean we ignore all caution. Live freely doesn’t mean we run wild. Live freely is when we can live a life according to our potency and be beneficial for others, not to ruin others life and even our life. We set our own boundaries.
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  1. one of my favourite movies 👍

    carpe diem